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1. Campaign Management:

Connect your marketing teams directly with your customers. Get personal campaign management, as well as the ability to conduct A/B tests and make changes with the click of a button.

2. Loyalty Program Management:

Picafuel’s diverse program management tools let your customers collect and redeem loyalty benefits at the shop and the fuel station. Apply different loyalty rules per campaign, account, location and more, and easily integrate existing loyalty programs.

3. Mobile App:

 Improve the customer experience at the fuel station with our comprehensive mobile application.

4. Communication:

Enable platform users and customers to interact as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Set up customizable, automated alerts as needed for your business.

5. Customer Relationship Management:

Picafuel replaces the need for a separate CRM. The platform gives managers easy-to-use tools for accessing valuable data insights and enhancing management capabilities.

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