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Paving the Way for Modern Fuel Retail Solutions

Picafuel provides an all-in-one platform for streamlining every type of customer interaction in the fuel retail industry


Fuel Retailers

Easily manage all of your business processes in one place. Understand your customers to boost sales and increase engagement.

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Large Fleets

Control consumption, reduce fraud and communicate with drivers in a simple, cost-effective way.


Payment Issuers

Keep your customers coming back, optimize operations and create new revenue streams along the way.

Efficiency, Security and Profitability

Picafuel powers each segment of the fuel retail industry, all from a single platform

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Customer Engagement

Our Solutions

Our highly innovative patented Mobile Fueling Process uses advanced computer vision and deep learning technologies in order to identify and collect valuable data from a vehicle's dashboard. Furthermore, we leverage AI and predictive models to improve customer engagement.

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