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1. Fleet Management:

Take advantage of Picafuel’s dedicated tool for managing and communicating with fleet drivers and issuers. Track and analyze transactions, generate custom reports, create specific restrictions and easily onboard new vehicles.

3. Communication

Enable platform users and customers to interact as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Set up customizable, automated alerts as needed for your business. 

2. Mobile Fueling:

Picafuel’s simple and secure refueling app eliminates the hassle of hardware, such as fuel cards, payment terminals or any vehicle/station identification systems.

4. In-house Fuel Station:

Take full control of your in-house fuel station inventory, including tank deliveries, level alerts, secured refueling and refueling data. Save on operational costs while eliminating fraud risk.

5. Fraud Prevention:

Set and apply your custom business rules to any transaction deemed as “suspicious” with Picafuel’s unique AI and computer vision-based fraud prevention module. 

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